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Have you ever been asked the question “Why do you want to write?”

That question always catches me off guard and I do the best I can – gape with a patented awkward look and mutter something indiscernible. (Not that I get asked that question a lot, mind you!)

So why would someone want to write? I mean, for a start I am neither mundane nor skillfull. This reality is probably attested my by absolute disregard towards learning something as basic as replacing an empty gas cylinder with a filled one. Or learning how to cook. Or actually trying to do anything worthy – for that matter.  Yep it goes without saying that I am darn lazy but then hey who really isn’t?

Imagine a conversation about being a writer..

A: “I want to be a writer.”

B: “You mean you want to die of hunger/poverty/deprivation?”

C:”Is that even a real job?”

A: “Nope. I want to be a writer.”

Mostly, people have to usually wait for that “break”. Actors need their lucky break, or IT professionals, or accountants or a myriad of occupations for that matter. Nonetheless, what the majority of us seem to be forgetting is that we all had our first break with education. We are lucky enough to grow up as literates and be given the opportunity to get educated. The fact of the matter is that there are still millions, if not billions who do not receive the kind of exposure to knowledge and education the way we did.

Having said that, not everyone can write. Everyone has a story, yes. But not everyone can write.There are zillions of thoughts enveloped in an idea but very few are able to draw em down to alphabets and let it flow on a page or a screen.

I wonder what it is that thwarts us from being writers and authors? Is it the money? I would not mind being a writer but yes while I am at it, I wish to get paid, not really keen on being broke. You know that awkward moment when you and the ATM screen engage in a staring contest and you always end up blinking first. Yeah, that.

I suppose the dichotomy of having a love for writing vs getting paid can be conceptualized in a simple enough philosophy – don’t bother whether you are right or wrong, Simply write whatever you have left. In this not-so-ideal world, a simple writer would be the pauper who writes on his own, without having anything to own. Harsh? Compared to a mere writer, an author is not someone who writes but someone who gets paid for doing so.

Fair enough.