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Everyday, the same crowd, the same proclivity towards being part of the proverbial bandwagon, constantly elbowing our way to the nearest available fad. Maybe, this was how it was meant to be. Perhaps, someday we’ll realize how foolish we were to be left stranded in a crowd. This is inevitable I suppose, I mean even our greatest leaders throughout history have purported the view of undoing industrial revolution, or at least curtailing it by some extent. Once upon a time, our ancestors must have been absolutely terrified when they realized that fire and fear cannot survive together – so they handled the fire and left the fear behind. In retrospection, that was a brave decision, we did overcome mammoths and the whole podium of the animal kingdom eventually. Today? Today, we are unwittingly getting denied by ourselves – a viral self-deception. As a human race, we seem to be missing the very fire that ignited renaissance or revolution. It seems like the norm is to suppress our thoughts, lest we may be mocked for our travesty. Yes this is incredulously crude not to mention obvious but perhaps we just need to redeem our existence & think.  Are we doing what we really want or are we simply gushing with the flow?