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Two hours and 45 minutes seems like a reasonably short time to spend at sea – and it really is.

My first time sailing (well more like sitting in a yatch while the skipper briefed us about potential keel issues and what not) has got me proper hooked. We departed Auckland (New Zealand) in light northerly winds which stayed around 10 knots for the majority of the trip – making for beautiful, fast but blissfully easy sailing. Upon motor sailing through to Westhaven marina where we dropped anchor just after 6:30 pm and spent a good hour or so having baked salmon, courgette puree and some surprisingly refreshing citrus salad. That coupled with a pint (or two!) of Monteiths lager and a great companion – made it quite a spectacular evening. The end of this mini “cruise” per se came rather quickly. This almost instantaneous love affair with the recreational aspects of sailing hopefully stays with me – for a while.

One cannot help but marvel at the skill and bravery of some of those professional seafarers as it is without doubt that each perilous voyage gone through in the past contributed to the safe and sophisticated vessels we enjoy today.