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Image If there is one aspect that can particularly unite a vast proportion of the university populace, it is fecklessness. In recent times, it seems that students seem to take great pleasure in not only “going with the flow” (for the use of a better term), but making sure that everyone else knows just how nonchalant we are. Whether you indulge in the occasional round of procrastination or the odd boredom shower (A shower, it seems, is an excellent and respectable way of not studying!) or not, people have a glorious capacity for doing things that they know are objectively a bit silly. Why? How? Well let us do a little armchair psychoanalysis…

Humanity (or at least a part of it) seems to be particularly susceptible to knowing that something is stupid and then doing it anyway. Let us take smoking for instance. Smoking and excessive drinking is known to be the cause of various cancers in the lungs, throat, mouth, heart, stomach, liver and larynx blah blah, but hey I am sure most people think they might be giving off a Fight Club – esque vibe when they light up and scull that can of beer, so yeah you know what, and I’ll have a pack of Marlboro Reds too please. While we are at the subject of smoking, let us be honest, no one plans on filling their lungs with tar and nicotine and if it was as simple as wearing a patch to cure you of the urge to smoke, then well the world would be free of smokers wouldn’t it?

Debt is not helpful, but we do legitimately need to buy an inflatable pool, swizz army knife and oh yeah someone in the country is selling a karaoke machine from 1993 online which I strongly believe would be a prudent investment, so let’s hit up that overdraft, yo.

I know that I am certainly guilty of all of these, and while I’m sure some who read this won’t be, I am comfortable in the knowledge that I am not alone. In fact, I am part of a community. A community of the stupid. In many ways humanity’s collective capacity for being unsensible is the most impressive thing about it.

What bugs me is the lack of a better explanation of why is it that sometimes people sometimes perform heroic feats of athleticism and why others can happily spend a weekday in bed researching the Cuban missile crisis, drinking a plunger of coffee every half-hour and eating an entire pizza alone whilst watching Walking Dead.

Laziness, lethargy?? Laziness is an accepted psychological phenomenon; it just isn’t terribly well understood. Of course, the intersection between being indolent and being bored is slightly confusing. Psychologists are interested in laziness, but seemingly only in ways that makes us feel deep shame about our continued existence. Nonetheless, it is interesting to note the absence of academic literature surrounding laziness. Brings me back to the crux or should I say the introduction of this piece. Going with the flow. I wish someone had told me at a very young age regarding the demerits of going with the flow/laziness/ lethargy and the sorts. We have to learn NOT to go with the flow, stop the flow, go against it, make your own flow but seriously life is kinda too short to just go with the flow ya know. It may ruffle a few feathers, but some people are in desperate need of getting their of getting their feathers ruffled.

In all honesty, the lifestyle depicted here thus far is barely functional. Nobody is quite this uniformly terrible at getting by. You’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise, though: we do like to complain with barely restrained glee about how terrible we are. Maybe if we just snipped that bit out we’d all do a lot better?

Apologies if this article is so trite and dull that your eyeballs have turned to soup and are mournfully running down your cheeks, but hey I would be interested in knowing why. Hop to it, psychology. As Mohammed Ali once said, “The one who views the world at 50 the same as they did when they were 20, has wasted 30 years of their life”